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31 January 2009 @ 05:14 pm
20 Reasons  
Title: 20 Reasons Ryo Doesn't Like TegoMass
Pairing: TegoMass (maybe some background stuff)
Genre: Romance, Crack
Rating: G
Summary: And 1 reason why he does.


20 Reasons Ryo Dislikes TegoMass

1. They're cuddly behind stage.
2. Mostly with each other.
3. It makes him feel sort of neglected.
4. Which in turn pisses Yamapi off because, please, neglected? Not likely.
5. They act like children.
6. Which also means they get treated like children.
7. And spoiled rotten by Koyama.
8. Ryo thinks this is disgusting because a) they're all over twenty here and b) Koyama being motherly sort of reminds him of home. And that in itself is sort of wrong.
9. They make gooey eyes at each other while singing.
10. And ultimately get more fangirl screams than he does (even when he removes his shirt).
11. They cheat the rules of fanservice (because fanservice is not fanservice when it's reality also. Then it's called PDA.)
13. And Ryo hates PDA.
13.5 When he voices this fact, however, Yamapi simply pushes the his face into his curry and calls him a hypocrite. Ryo blames TegoMass for that, too.
14. They can both sing.
15. They can both sing well.
16. They can both sing so well, in fact, that they actually got their own subgroup during the hiatus.
17. Ryo has always kind of wanted to be in a subgroup like that.
18. They can't even date properly. (They think that holding hands is the farthest anyone should go before marriage.) Yamapi says he's exaggerating, but really, it's the truth.
19. They can get away with being stupid.
20. They've made the backstage vending machine area off limits as that is their new "super secret" make-out meeting spot.

1 Reason Ryo Likes TegoMass

1. They give Ryo hope for true love.


Uh, inspired by some DBSK fic that I read, like, a year ago.
You've read it, so now's the time to comment. I don't like silent readers.